How can society influence your choises?

I was wondering about how much we can let ourselves be influenced by other people's mindset. I would say it depends on how far we are on the pathway of recognizing our true nature, and yes we can be very badly influenced. But just like all dualities existent on our planet, there are people coming in our lives with the purpose of showing us better ways of living, they can help us on our own task of making good choices, which can bring us better opportunities of learning about ourselves and eventually gives us the ability and will for the cultivation of a harmonized mindset.

I think one big problem about living in society is having to cope with an unconsciously installed software, which pre-programs our lives up to a point which is far beyond the physical level, that is to say it reaches realms that our human eyes cannot see. It's a beautiful set of chains we get as we go on living through our childhood, adolescence, adult life... I'm sorry to be including you on these lines, but I do believe it's not only about me. One big task of ours is to recognize these chains and grow wise and strong to be able to look for ways, which are mostly personal, to overcome the negative data which has access to our lives and influences quite a lot our mindset, which in turn reaches our emotions and shapes our actions.

I believe we need to be positive about theses issues. My personal experience throughout the past years showed me there can be no other thing to cling to other than being positive, especially if we wish to look inside and deal with all aspects of ourselves we will certainly find there.

Peace and Love

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