Do you believe there is a thread that binds everything together?

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All things that surrounds us, either material things or untouchable things like thoughts and emotions, combined with the way we look at them are the means through which each individual on the course of his life builds an inside panorama of the world, in other words, they construct a structure in which the inside world of each living entity finds a way of living in the outside world according to the point from which he observes and understands the 3-dimensional events that take place on the surface of earth.

One thing I believe to be troublesome on the path back to the roots of our existence is the fact that we stick too much to that which we are able to see with our eyes and grasp with the other 4 senses. Yes we can trust them, but there is more than that, there is the unseen, the unheard, that which cannot be physically touched... and all that is 100% part of the creation.

We are organisms with the power of connecting ourselves with all sorts of energy present in and outside of our planet. That gives us an enormous amount of power to receive information from the universe and give information back to the universe. We function like a bridge which connects 2 sides of the same matter. Have you ever heard that all that surrounds us is but energy? Well, I suppose this is pretty much the truth. Energy comes in and goes out of our physical body the whole time. You might not notice or have a full awareness of these events, but the good news is: there really is a realm of invisible energy sorrounding our body, and we dive through it, just like being submerged in the ocean. This is the thread which connects all the living entities on earth and beyond earth.

I'm sure everyone knows about the existence of magnetic fields. Maybe you cannot explain it conceptually, but you've probably seen how two magnets can atract or repel each other. This is just an example that tells us that even though we cannot see an energetic field, it does exist. The good thing about energetic fields is that they help us on our process of realising the existence of a subtle reality, which lives alongside the 3-dimensional one we can see.

We can now replace the words energetic field by the word vibration, doing so we can bring the attention to one single point and deal with one single event that inhabits the field. I want to give an example of how vibration affects directly our lives and I go even further to say that we can alter patterns of vibration at a physical level, and most times we do that without being aware we are doing that.

Let's say you are outside, at some place you usually go on a daily basis. Suddenly the temperature drops to 10 or 15 degrees celsius, if you are not wearing warm cloths you will have to figure out a way of maintaining your body temperature at a standard level if you don't want to get sick. Well, a good think to do is start jogging or simply set your muscles somehow in motion, that will keep your system vibrating at a good level and will keep you warm till you get home.

Another example of how vibration can affect us directly, and now I want to focus on a subtle level which is correlated with the psychic centres present in the physical body. Imagine you woke up in a good mood. You are feeling alright, you pack your bag and leave for the day. Everything is going pretty well till you meet someone who is not in a good day. You two are not vibrating at the same level and there is a possibility that this unstable situation will be driven to stability, that means, either you will have to raise the vibration of your companion, telling her a joke or something like that, or you are about to be infected with your companion's low vibrational level, and in this case you will probably go home not feeling well too, even though in most cases you won't be able to tell what happened.

So, these are two examples of how vibration is in our lives and how it can affect us either positive or negatively depending on various circumstances that calls back to the very aspects that compose our mindset and ultimately leads us to choose one lifestyle rather than another, which might have been chosen by our fellow neighbor and many other Human Beings that live together in society and share the same type of values.

If I try to see one big picture of human condition I would say: everything is just alright and coming on its own pace to a grand finale, which is liberation, reunion. But if I zoom in and focus my lenses on the details I would say: humans suffer too much and I don't think suffering is a nice thing. So the question is: can humans be free from suffering? Well, I guess not entirely because it belongs to the existence of duality. That means, for as long as there is one pole there will have to be its opposite. But the good news is that we can learn to live better lives, and change our understanding of what suffering is, and by changing the perspective we will also change the way we let the events of Maya affect the 4 bodies (at least) that compose our being. They are: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Back to the big picture, there is a wake-up movement going on on our planet right now. It is a good thing if we try to take a seat on this train. Here I come back to my point on this text: Vibration. Vibration is a way of beginning a journey to the inside, to discover our true self. If we learn about the subtle energy channels that run through our body and practice this ancient knowledge we will certainly develop the perception and ability of dealing with vibration. Through practice we can harmonize our energy field and that will reverberate on our inside and subtle bodies causing profound healing as well as on the outside, reaching our fellow friends and contributing to the wake-up movement we are already witnessing on our planet.

Peace and Love

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