Ayahuasca Ceremony

Sabedoria Indígena
Sabedoria Indígena

In january 2014 I spent two weeks in Alto Paraíso, a small town 300km north of Brasilia. They say this place possesses spiritual power and because it lies on a region full of crystals it is naturally energised. I stayed at a local hostel and my everyday task, together with a group of people I met, was to take a track and visit a new waterfall.

On my last two days in Paradise, the trip brought me the most remarkable experience I've ever had. I went to a ceremony where I had the opportunity of drinking ayahuasca among friends and a loving team of angels who was leading the work. It was saturday and after having breakfast at the organic market we went to get bathed in a waterfall. That day it had a special meaning: we should get ourselves purified by Iemanjá, the water deity. This was part of the ritual, to spiritually prepaire ourselves for the night, which also included not eating meat products, so we had a vegan meal for lunch. The afternoon was very quiet and peaceful, everyone seemed to be isolated on their own thoughts, on a sort of meditative state of mind.

The night came and we went to the Kuan-yin house where the ceremony was about to get started. Firstly we had a reiki session and a gathering around the fireplace where the master explained the procedure and answered our questions about the power plant. We went to the main room and got our seats as the team started with their chanting, which was meant to send bad spirits away. Done that, our hostess locked the doors, commended that the house should be protected by the spirits of light during the work and announced the ceremony would get started.

The drink was served. It has a strong taste, I can't find a word to describe it more precisely, but it's not good. After 5 minutes I clearly new my organism started to react. I had my eyes closed and I could feel the top of my head, I suppose it was my pineal gland in action. I saw light pouring down my head and moments later I saw geometric patterns in all colours of the rainbow. I was in a 3-dimentional room fully covered by these patterns, and the amazing thing is that the whole picture was in motion, alive, and I was not the observer, I was part of the picture. That was the Force welcoming me in it.

That was just the first cycle of coming and going of different fases. Each time the cycle hits back, it has a totality different aspect which increases in power and depth, then it hits the summit and starts decreasing till it completely stops.

Ayahuasca is a healing process and I believe it should be practiced this way. I can't imagine this power being used on an unprotected environment and for whatever purposes other than healing. It is a powerful tool that cracks the matrix of illusion we live in and shows nature from its inside. It is also a very personal experience because it brings to the surface that which belongs to someone's healing process.

At some point I experienced excitement, I stood up and danced. I also experienced the fear of not being able to stop the cycles, at that point I had to lie down on a mattress and I remember I had someone helping me. During the whole process I experienced the sensation of having a physical body much differently than I normally do. Sometimes I would disconnect completely from my body and be mentaly active, having all sorts of psychic visions. Other times I would be super aware of my body, giving attention to every single part, what sometimes came with a sensation of pain coming from my stomach for example.

After a couple of hours the cycles were finally gone and it was time to have the second dose of the drink. I then decided not to drink it, I had already gotten access to way more information than I was at that moment able to digest and because of that I needed a break. I sat by the fireplace and spent the following couple of hours looking at the wood burn, gazing at the flames coming out. l also observed the others as they went through the second round, their healing process and how it is different from person to person. I looked at all that happening and realised how humane it was.

Next day I had to drive back to Brasilia. The coming back to the metropolis after this rather explosive experience would slowly show me some facts. The first day I hopped on a city bus heading to the central station was shocking, I felt as if I had landed my spaceship on a planet full of aliens, and that was not home to me. I looked at people and there was a gap between what a saw and what I believed it was supposed to be. I guess I could perceive more clearly that people live their lives mechanically, as if they were hypnotized, and that belonged to a bigger picture where one could not escape from this trap, unless it was at the expense of one's own will.

I believe this experience with ayahuasca changed the way I see the world around me. It changed my attitude towards what I can grasp with my senses and reason. I still learn day by day, through my observations, to build an understanding of the world, to sort of put everything in a sense of perspective and find a balance between physical and psychic reality. Of course my search didn't stop after the ceremony, it was actually the start, the opening of Pandora's box. I had a small sample of how far the psyche of a human being can reach and it made me realise how narrow-minded humans can be.
I'm grateful for this experience and I'm happy to pass it on.

Peace and Love

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