The Flower of Life
The Flower of Life

I was wondering whether an ultimate truth about life exists in which there would be concrete guidelines about living a fulfilled life. About the ultimate truth I would roughly say: follow your heart! This is a concrete statement, but it has neither a concrete meaning nor leads anyone through a concrete path, I suppose.

I guess it's difficult to find concrete guidelines, what we do find is inumerous pathways that give us the support we usually need to be able to deal with the difficulties that emerge throughout life most probably due to a lack of concrete guidelines that humans need to sustain a sense of psycho-emotional stability.

Pathways are there for us to choose. Pick what you like. They come from the west, east... and if you don't find there any method that appeals your taste you can always put them all in a mixer and make your own recipe for a well lived life.

But what is that we are trying to solve when we start meditating, doing yoga, learning reiki, qi gong and many other tools we have at our disposal? I suppose a good answer for this question is: at some point in our lives we miss a sense of self we know we have, we start feeling uncomfortable in our own bodies and that sense of instability calls upon balance. It can also be a great sorrow unleashed by illness, an accident, loss in the family or a difficult separation that triggers the inner call for spiritual help.

Back to the roots! I think nature tells us that all the time, for example when we feel the fresh wind passing by, when we notice that the tree on our street has grown new flowers, when we go in the woods and suddenly we feel really nice and peaceful... if we are able to notice this beauty on the outside world it is because our inner world possesses this beauty as well, and what really happens is: whatever you can grasp on the outside is but the projection of your own self, and the whole point of all spiritual paths we can ever step upon is to reconnect with our essence, with the nature within ourselves.

Now I would like to ask you 2 questions: What is your name? What do you do? Behind the answer to these questions lies a sence of non-self which builds the structure that sustains a platform of vibration called Maya. What Maya does is to disconnect ourselves from the very energy source, from genuine love. It introduces people to an illusionary reality and constantly stimulates them through the 5 human senses. This process ultimately builds a sense of identification with Maya which ultimately separates the Being from the memory of its true nature. Here duality is born, as well as suffering.

Well, don't panic! Now comes the good part: even though we are Beings of Light we are here living an experience on physical reality, and it is real. We just got lost on the way... I mean, we spend too much time dealing with worldly things like making more money than we actually need, talking nonsense, buying lots of things we don't really need and so on, and our spiritual life gets just a small part of the cake. So the secret is: find a balance between worldly and spiritual life.

Here I go back to the beginning of this text where I was wondering whether a set of guidelines for a fulfilled life exists. I believe there are really no concrete answers, but there are some pretty concrete pathways. I like buddhism, for example, it gives me some good ideas for dealing with my own mind. I also like systemic constellations, it gave me the opportunity of going to the depths of my psyche and find myself face to face with my fears.

Spiritual guidance is there to help us, but I suggest you not to overuse any of these tools. We can also count on our own intuition, it is an inner genitor we all have who knows ourselves better than anyone or any spiritual method. We can trust the voice that comes from the inside, from our heart.

Peace and Love

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